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      สูตร บา คา ร่า เงิน แสน

      ...there are no correct alternate histories; there are only plausible alternate histories.
      — Will Shetterly

      cover art
      Famous Men Who Never Lived
      cover art
      Theater of Spies
      cover art
      Machines Like Me
      cover art
      Rewrite: Loops in the Timescape
      cover art
      Napoleon Victorious!

      Uchronia: The Alternate History List is a bibliography of over 3400 novels, stories, essays and other printed material involving the "what ifs" of history. The genre has a variety of names, but it is best known as alternate history.

      In an alternate history, one or more past events are changed and the subsequent effects on history somehow described. This description may comprise the entire plotline of a novel, or it may just provide a brief background to a short story. Perhaps the most common themes in alternate history are "What if the Nazis won World War II?" and "What if the Confederacy won the American Civil War?"

      For more information about alternate history and this bibliography, please read the extended introduction.

      cover art
      American Hippo
      cover art
      Through Darkest Europe
      cover art
      The Fated Sky
      cover art
      An Easy Death
      cover art
      Unholy Land
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